Offers forecasts, nowcasts, and other weather information for sporting events to your own personal vacation.

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Provides custom made weather forecasts for your school district.

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Four tiers of service to address all the impacts on the utility and energy sector.

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Provides custom made weather forecasts for your school district.

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Our specialty here is aviation weather forecasting for rotary operations

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Provides custom made weather forecasts for agricultural interests.We provide several areas of service depending on your particular needs.

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Provides custom made weather forecasts for your listening area. We provide different levels of service, depending on your station’s needs.

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Our company specializes in accurate, custom-made weather forecasting. We also provide previous weather records/reports for insurance/legal or any other need.

Our meteorologists use state-of-the-art weather forecast products and equipment, including doppler radar, satellite imagery, models, lightning detection, and also National Weather Service information to generate a forecast specific to the client's needs. We tailor our forecasts to the client's location, precise time period of interest, and assist in the forecast of specific weather threats such as snow, ice, heavy rain, high wind, lightning, and and any other weather parameter that may impact your operations.

Save time and save money... Use National Weather Forecasting, LLC ™ services.Storm warning service is our specialty, for business or government agencies. Read more about our Exclusive Storm Warning Service and dependable custom forecasts!

Another specialty of ours is…

Forensic (past weather) Reports for Legal and Insurance Interests, and anyone else in need of previous weather data.

National Weather Forecasting, LLC’s expert forensic meteorologists provides a wide range of products and services related to historical weather research and weather analysis. We offer written reports which will likely allow you to settle out of court..however, expert witness testimony regarding forensic meteorology or past weather events from our associates. Our services include comprehensive, site-specific written reports and if needed, graphics/maps can be included.

National Weather Forecasting, LLC has been retained by attorneys, insurance companies, public adjusters, claims representatives, law enforcement, engineers, roofers and private corporations to research past weather conditions and conduct investigations. We use our expertise in weather forensics to determine site-specific historical weather conditions at any given time and location with a data base which dates back many years.

Our staff provides expert witness testimony from having earned distinction in degrees and certification in meteorology. We are members of The American Meteorological Society (AMS) and National Weather Association (NWA).

Our meteorologists and associates can provide clients with:

  • Comprehensive Site-Specific Written Reports
  • Hourly, daily, and monthly Surface Weather Observations
  • Any weather data to support your clients claim/case…our service also available to anyone in need of previous weather data.
  • Depositions done by our associates
  • Trial Testimony, expert in court testimony by our associates
  • CALL US AT 1-877-44-SNOWY, that is 1-877-447-6699 or 201-288-1824 or email us at for our price quote.

National Weather Forecasting, LLC is a sales/distributor of:

FOR INFORMATION ON THOR GUARD, CLICK ON THIS PDF FILE:Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System.pdf

High quality forecasts for weather-sensitive operations

Timely access to high quality weather forecasts is the key to safety and success! National Weather Forecasting LLC offers customized services to clients.Our meteorologists will provide highly accurate...

Timely access to accurate, current and forecast weather information

Another major benefit for you is that our customized forecasts are made available to YOU first, usually well in advance of the forecasts found elsewhere.You deserve...

Don’t be caught off guard incoming storms!

Weather conditions can change very rapidly in this area. Don't be caught off guard! When bad weather threatens, we're right on top of the situation.You get advance warning to take actions that minimizes any weather problems for you.Not only do we give you time to prepare...

Our Staff

Our team is led by Meteorologist Dan Ventola, certified meteorologist and weather consultant. His vast experience in working in the field for many years has made Dan a true leader in the weather business. He is expert in weather forecasting, especially in storms such as snow and rain events, etc. with an emphasis in severe weather forecasting...