Our team is led by Meteorologist Dan Ventola, certified meteorologist and weather consultant. His vast experience in working in the field for many years has made Dan a true leader in the weather business. He is expert in weather forecasting, especially in storms such as snow and rain events, etc. with an emphasis in severe weather forecasting and radio broadcasting. He attended Kean University in Union, N.J. and earned his certification from Mississippi State University through through studying/testing at The National Weather Service in Newark, N.J. Dan is manager of our office which specializes in storm updates, aviation weather and radio broadcasts.


Meteorologist David Spiegler is President and Founder of DBS Weather Impact Corp (DBS/WIC), (formerly DBS Associates, Inc. (DBS). He has more than 45 years of proven experience in:

  • Preparing expert testimony for clients for weather related legal proceedings and environmental regulatory hearings;
  • Applied research and technique development in the atmospheric sciences;
  • Management and technical direction for multi-disciplinary programs including design of automated weather and environmental information systems, and operational weather analysis and prediction programs;
  • Business development, including technical marketing, proposal management and preparation, strategic planning, market surveys, and design and text for promotional material;
  • Development of weather and climate information for business planning and operations
  • Product management for weather broadcast media services and marine services

At DBS/WIC, Mr. Spiegler directs the business areas that include weather, climate, and environmental information products, services, studies, systems, and forensic meteorology. In the past 20 years he has consulted with more than 60 law firms and insurance companies on weather related legal and/or insurance claims. Cases that he has been involved in range from slip and fall accidents to motor vehicle, boating, and aircraft accidents to wrongful death cases, as well as cases for which damage to — or loss of — property from high winds, heavy rain, snow/ice, flooding, and ocean waves occurred. Tropical storm and hurricane experience includes Mr. Spiegler performing a detailed analysis of the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a hospital in Metarie, LA for an engineering firm; providing expertise to a Florida law firm regarding the impacts of Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne on property in Palm Beach Gardens, FL; preparing a report for a law firm on the impacts of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma on property in south Florida, and providing expert testimony about the impact of wind and heavy rain from severe thunder storms on an apartment building in North Miami Beach, FL, the roof of which had previously been damaged by Hurricane Wilma.
For the period from 1991 through the present, he was the senior author of 18 major reports for large corporations. From 1981-90, Mr. Spiegler was a Consulting Meteorologist on the technical staff at The MITRE Corporation. At MITRE, he was the key system meteorologist to develop technical specifications for the Automated Weather Distribution System for the United States Air Force (USAF). Mr. Spiegler also founded DBS Associates in 1985 to develop weather and climate publications for the broadcast industry and to provide forensic meteorological services for the legal profession and the insurance industry.
Prior to MITRE, Mr. Spiegler held various senior level management positions during an 8-year period at Environmental Research and Technology, Inc. (ERT, now ENSR) including Technical Director/ Product Manager for Applied Meteorological and Oceanographic Services. He managed four major programs and business development activities, including operational weather and marine prediction for the broadcast media, shipping industry, and offshore oil exploration.
While at ERT, Mr. Spiegler was also Chief Scientist and Division Manager for Applied Meteorology where he directed and coordinated all operational and research programs related to meteorological air quality analysis and prediction. It included the management, supervision, and preparation of nearly 100 technical reports; expert testimony before regulatory agencies on meteorological and air pollution conditions; management of the Air Monitoring, Analysis, and Prediction (AIRMAP¨ ) system, and Editor of the AIRMAP¨ Newsletter sent to ERT clients and potential clients.

Prior to ERT, Mr. Spiegler was a Senior Scientist at Allied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) where he was Program Manager for development of four-dimensional (4-D) models of the atmosphere from surface through the stratosphere. NASA has used and is still using, the 4-D model results in the planning of the space program, more than 30 years after it was developed. He also formulated and carried out the research for characteristics of cyclones over tropical and subtropical waters, and pioneered the concept and description of a new cyclone category – the semitropical cyclone.

Before joining ARA, Mr. Spiegler spent nine years as a Research Scientist at the Travelers Research Center, Inc. (TRC) where he managed projects in four major areas: Atmospheric prediction model development, environmental systems studies, weather modification studies and numerical analysis and evaluation studies. He developed automated analysis and prediction techniques for the jet stream, and for prediction of snowstorms along the Atlantic seaboard – both of which were used operationally by military and government forecasters.

Mr. Spiegler has published over 75 technical papers and reports. Papers in professional journals including: Journal of Applied Meteorology, Monthly Weather Review, Bulletin of the AMS and Weatherwise, as well as numerous presentations at technical conferences and symposia.

adam_new_march2016Meteorologist/Office Manager Adam Basile received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Atmospheric Science at the State University of Albany in May 2010. Ever since Adam was a child he was always fascinated by tornadoes. In elementary school Adam would constantly draw pictures of funnel clouds, no matter what subject matter was being taught at that time. After tornadoes came the drawing of hurricanes, and from there an interest in weather was born. Even his teachers would tell him that when he was older he should pursue a field relating to weather. Adam went on to Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, New Jersey, where he played varsity ice hockey for four years. He was also a member of the tennis team. When Adam wasn’t on the ice or the court, he was accelerating in his science and mathematics classes. After Adam graduated in June 2006, he attended the University of Albany in upstate New York. Here, he continued to play ice hockey for the UAlbany Great Danes while majoring in Atmospheric Science. Adam competed in numerous forecasting contests at Albany including the WX Forecaster Challenge, a national forecasting competition. After graduation from SUNY Albany, Adam began interning at National Weather Forecasting in May of 2010. Two years later he was brought on as an official member of National Weather Forecasting forecasting team. Here, Adam does daily forecasts for National Weather Forecasting’s diverse client base, aviation weather briefings to pilots, radio weather broadcasting, and provides storm alert and warning services to both the private and government sectors.

rob_new_march2016Meteorologist Rob Mitstifer received his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Penn State University in May 2015 with a specialty in Weather Risk Management. Since his early teens, Rob was fascinated by the weather due to his passions for sailing and surfing on the Jersey Shore. From forecasting winds, to tracking waves, weather was a large part of Rob’s life from a young age. Rob’s summer jobs consisted of lifeguarding and teaching surf lessons in Long Bach Island, NJ, where monitoring and forecasting weather was very important. In college, after seeing the impacts of Hurricane Sandy, he decided to specialize in Weather Risk Management, as it blended his passion for meteorology and interest in finance. In his senior year, Rob had the unique opportunity to work on a project with MARS inc. where he traded in the agricultural futures market based on mid-to-long range weather forecasts. He was also heavily involved in weather based computer programming where he has made an individualized sunburn forecast program and a global wave forecast model. Rob has trained over the past few months at National Weather Forecasting and read up on weather related FAA books to learn the ins and outs of aviation forecasting, which has made him comfortable on the topic. Rob enjoys spending his free time being active outdoors, either mountain biking, surfing, or snowboarding, all sports where weather plays an integral role.

We also have assistant meteorologists to complement our main staff of meteorologists.