Storm Warning

…dependable custom-made forecasts

The specialized storm warning service provided by National Weather Forecasting LLC provides accurate, custom made forecasts, more frequently updated and dependable forecasts than provided by other services, and our cost is competitive. Our forecasts are faxed, emailed, or available online, and you can call a meteorologist toll-free any time!

We fax and email our forecasts to your main office and/or home office.

  • Daily forecasts updated twice per day online.
  • Advisories will be sent via fax or email. This will be a preliminary forecast of incoming storms such as snow, ice, severe thunderstorms, tropical storms and flooding. We will also provide information on when you can expect freezing temperatures so you can be alerted to possible icing from standing water and other hazards. All weather alerts and warnings will be sent whenever important weather threatens to affect your operations. Reports will be sent 24 hours per day, every day of the year. This preliminary forecast will be sent up to 2 days prior to the arrival of the storm.
  • The initial advisory may be upgraded with a more detailed forecast as the storm nears. Updated forecasts will be sent 6 to 24 hours in advance of the storm.
  • Frequently updated additional forecasts will be provided before and during the storm.
  • Meteorologists will be available via phone any time, 24/7/365, to answer any questions you may have.
  • In the event of snow or ice storms, we will provide you with certified written reports of actual snow or accumulation after the storm ends. We will fax these reports to you within 24 to 36 hours after the storm ends. These reports are helpful if you plow snow or are a snow removal operation. These reports can be used for billing purposes. You make copies of these reports, insert them with your bill and have no disputes about how much snow fell. You get paid by your client and everybody is happy!    form

                                                                              Sample snow

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Competitive cost

Cost for our storm warning service varies from $800. to $2000. per year (12 month period). Cost depends on your type of organization and the area you cover. These prices are for the areas of lower New York state, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Price can vary for other parts of the United States.

For a complete proposal, call us at 201-288-1824. We can then fax or mail you our proposal (including references) to you today!


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