Storm Warning Service

Whether severe thunderstorms, flooding rain, or a winter storm impacts your operations, this specialized service beats our competition hands down with high accuracy, frequent updates, dependable staff, and at a very competitive cost. The service covers 1 to 3 storm-warning zones (see map for details) and can be sent via e-mail and/or fax. Meteorologist will be available via phone throughout the event to ensure you stay ahead of the storm. Services also include certified official reports of snow/ice accumulations, rainfall amounts, and storm damage. The Storm Warning Service also can be customized for your specific needs to address impacts for your operations.


These are four examples of the utility forecasting we can provide. They are customized according to customer needs. Each may be downloaded in Adobe PDF format.

Utility sample forecast form 1
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Utility sample forecast form 2
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Utility sample forecast form 3
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Utility sample forecast form 4
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The following are two samples of the winter snow forecasting service we provide. The first is a spreadsheet; the second is in a format suitable for the Web.

Snow form sample
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Snow form Web sample
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We will customize our services to fit your needs! Tell us specifically what you are interested in if none of the above services fit your requirements. We can add or subtract services per your needs for any of the above services.

For further information, call President of National Weather Forecasting LLC, Dan Ventola, at 1-201-288-1824.